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Are You Up for a Numbingly-Spicy Culinary Experience?

Recently, Savory Ma La Xiang Guo restaurant moved from Kandawgyi park compound to Asia Business Center corner of 48th Street and Maha Bandula Road near downtown. As name suggest, Ma La Xiang Guo is signature dish of Savory.

Ma La Xiang Guo is originated from Sichuan in China. “Ma” means “tongue-numbing”. “La” means “spicy”. “Xiang” means “fragrant” and “delicious” and “Guo” means “pot”. Despite the numbing sensation introduced by the mala sauce, it seems that people are not deterred from savouring this fiery hot dish.

Upon entering the restaurant, you can instantly feel the cozy environment. Uniform wearing staff warmly welcome you with smiles. The signature dish, Ma La Xiang Guo is available in two way; Dry-Stir Fry or Soup. The restaurant can seat up over 40 people. Ma La Xiang Guo items are offered at a weight-price conversion, with vegetables costing 600 Kyats per 100g, three kinds of mushroom are priced 1600 Kyats whereas meat and seafood are priced from 2500 Kyats per 100g onwards. After choosing your preferred ingredients, you will be pleased to know that Savory allows dinners to choose from four different spiciness levels, 1 to 4 (mild, moderate, spicy, extra spicy).

With a combination of pork, chicken sausages, mushrooms, fish cake and vegetables with Ma La sauce, you can enjoy taste to fire yourself up. A bowl of rice goes well with Ma La Xiang Guo. Thai Grilled Pork (Thai Mu Ping) is also one of the recommended dish.

Marinated with sweet sauce (prepared by own chef of Savory) this flash of pork is neither oily nor salty, but sweet and delicious.

If you love sea food, you will definitely love the Sea Food Platter. You can taste the freshness.

To top it off, Savory’s Ma La Xiang Guo stands out with the chef’s unique rendition of Ma La sauce. Staff are willing to help and attentive. The food is freshly prepared, the pricing is about right. Opening hours are from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm every day. If you are up for a numbingly-spicy culinary experience, Savory will certainly satisfy your cravings!