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Yoma Bank and Easy Microfinance Signed Two Funding Agreements

Yoma Bank and MC Easy Microfinance (“Easy Microfinance”) signed two funding agreements totaling 8 billion Kyats. These new facilities will enable Easy Microfinance to extend its operations and serve an additional 28,000 borrowers, particularly microentrepreneurs and small business owners who need financial assistance in seeding capital for their business’ operations. “We are pleased to include Easy Microfinance as the 10th microfinance institution to benefit from Yoma Bank funding over the past twelve months. Yoma Bank has provided 80 billion Kyats of funding which goes directly to improving the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Myanmar through the development of entrepreneurship and business development. Our partnership with Easy Microfinance represents another step in Myanmar’s economic development,” said the Advisor to the Chairman and CEO of Yoma Bank, Hal Boshe.

“We are grateful for Yoma Bank’s support which will help Easy Microfinance to expand its geographical footprint, and to offer its products to many more small entrepreneurs, providing them with access to financing which will enable them to develop their businesses, create jobs and improve their livelihoods. We are proud of Easy Microfinance’s contribution to financial inclusion and economic development in Myanmar,” said Frank Snieders, Managing Director of Easy Microfinance.