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Yangon Bus Cafe

Recently, a café opened inside Hmaw Sin Kyun compound of the Kandawgyi Park. The Yangon Bus café has something special, something to set it apart from its competition. As the name suggests, customers can enjoy their food and beverages on an actual red bus. A former number 39 bus was renovated inside and painted Red outside. Myanmar’s first bus car is surrounded by the small trees and good landscaping. Upon entering, you will notice the vintage interior decoration and ambient lighting. Music is being played with a vintage record player. You can enjoy the aroma of coffee from coffee bar where baristas are kept busy by customers. There’re not much seats on the bus itself but beside the bus, there are seats in the open air.

The coffee is top notch. Different types of coffee including espresso, macchiato, americano and cappuccino are available. Most coffee only costs between 2,500 Kyats and 4,000 Kyats per cup. You can also have eight different types of fizzy refreshing mint soda drinks such as blueberry mint, mixed berry mint, passion fruit mint, etc. All mint sodas are expertly mixed with fresh fruit purees, mints and lemon with brown sugar, top up with ice and soda water. Take-away option is also available.

Jet Black menu is a menu worth recommending from Yangon Bus Café. It uses only charcoal infused bread (these bread are black and made up of charcoal from bamboo, containing antioxidants, good for health. Jet Black burger, Jet Black hot dog and Jet Black sandwiches costs 7,000 Kyats, 2,500 Kyats and 5,500 Kyats, respectively. The prices are reasonable. A combination of a drink and a cake or a drink and a sandwich will cost around 15,000 Kyats.

Verdict It is both a cool venue for hanging out with friends and a romantic place for love birds. The staffs are attentive and willing to help. There is a variety of choices on menu such as different cakes, waffles, coffee, soda and juices. The food and coffee are also delicious. Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm every day