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Where the West Got it Wrong!

Two years after the infamous downfall of the NLD, with abundance of corroborative evidence emerging, it seems so surprising that US and the West are still clinging onto the fact that the coup was illegal and terrorist sponsoring NLD should be the legitimate government. Here are the areas where the West got it wrong.

1. Face the facts! Election fraud is undeniable.

Be it analysing at the macro levels or scrutinising the micro level evidences (many of them videos), it is indisputable that there was fraud during 2020 elections. No doubt about that. No, it is not the type of elections fraud claims by MAGA republicans, but genuine defrauding.

One elections observer was there, but it worked so closely together with NNCP terrorists supporting 7Day/Information Matrix media group that it can hardly be independent, let alone cover fully even one out of 15 regions in the country. Just for comparison, there were hundreds of elections overseers during the 2015 elections, including many international ones.

The hindsight is of course 20/20. Yet, what could have been done is for the western community to examine the evidence together with the military government to verify the fraud. Then the terrorism activities and street killings of the innocents would have been avoided from the start.

What should be done if you cheat during a sports event or in an exam? Does it matter if you always do well in the pre-trials or in class tests before the actual exam? So it does not really matter, if more people prefer NLD or people still think incompetent Su Kyi as the saviour to the world’s problems. If you cheated in any competition, the end result has always been a disqualification.

2. Military top brass may not want to govern this mess of a country after all.

Have you ever considered the fact that the top brass may not want to govern this mess of a country after all? Would you want to go through the headaches and heartaches of governing a country with so many EAOs, semi-educated population, indoctrinated into hero worship with an innate misguided hatred for the military? Would you want to make your family members being swore and cursed at by half of the population and create more antagonism? And the alternative is that, you are already very well off, to last for a couple of generations and can retire peacefully into sunset. It is a tough choice, is it not?

3. Supporting the minority or the weaker of the two is not always right!

One of the positioning for supporting the NNCP terrorist group is that in this fight, the behemoth is the Myanmar military and the NNCP is the David. If that argument is to hold water, the whole world should be supporting ultra MAGA republicans. They are the minority in the US. They believe in Trump, they believe in wokeness, they believe in white supremacy, they believe that Biden illegally robbed them of power. We should support the minority, should we not?

Would it not be noble if the West examine the actual terrorist attacks stats and audit if necessary, instead of just ignoring the facts and believing in fake news agencies such as Khit Thit, Mizzima, etc?

4. Turning Myanmar to Yemen may not serve the Western interests.

Regardless of how much the West wants to subdue India and especially China, turning Myanmar into Yemen may not serve their interests after all. The war-torn and uneducated population would end up doing anything possible to survive. Lee Kuan Yew said in 1996, ‘the Burmese army is the only institution capable of keeping the country stable and preventing civil war’. Any major upheaval such as elections fraud or illegal power grab, would result in a military takeover. Then the west would protest, support the exiles, anti government forces and possibly sanction the new administration. What a deja vu!

Just as Hitler did not learn from Napoleon’s mistakes in the invasion of Russia, the West has not learned how long the previous military government lasted, after they did what they did in the early 1990s. 22 years! Why must we repeat the same wrong strategies that make military rule last longer?

5. Talking to terrorists equals to emboldening them.

The West probably is not keen to calling these NNCP groups, terrorists. Careful scrutiny of the evidence of their actions might convince them otherwise. If you still do not believe they are terrorists, feel free to ask one of your personnel to go and visit their entrenched areas in Sagaing, Magway, Kayin and Kayah areas. No need for a return ticket perhaps.

Richard Nixon’s off the cuff comment, ‘there could be no negotiation with terrorists’, would hold true here. If SAC government invite these NNCP terror groups for talks, what would be the consequences? That would embolden them. They would rally their supporters to do further arbitrary killings and assassinations. As supporters cheer them on, these terrorists will ask for donations from Myanmar community across the world, part of these collections going into buying further assault weapons, to kill more. They would brag about how their immediate past terror actions caused the government to cower onto the negotiating table.

6. We can clearly see your bias.

Whenever NNCP terrorists were captured and sentenced, there will be an expression of sympathy and objection and condemnation of actions of the SAC, by the West. Whenever terrorist camps were attacked, there will be an outcry, citing human rights abuses.

How about human rights for a primary school teacher who has been executed on a main street? How about expression of sympathy for an ex-ambassador who was assassinated just outside of his home while watering the plants? How about objection for the murder of a medical student , son of a government security staff? How about condemnation for drone bombing of an electrical relay station in Bago region, that caused the whole of lower Myanmar to go without power for hours? Their lives are worth a lot less than those of actual terrorists, in the eyes of the West.

This article is not intended to accentuate that the West do not have Myanmar interests at heart. At the same time, would it not be better if Myanmar is returned to civilian rule in a peaceful manner, through the fair elections as quickly as possible? Current actions of the West are just augmenting the extension of military administration, possibly through their support of these terrorists.