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Visa and Thai Airways Bring First Travel Campaign to Myanmar

Visa Myanmar has announced on 8th June that visa will cooperate with Thai Airways to offer special fares, complimentary gifts and other prizes for Myanmar prepaid cardholders throughout 2015. Myanmar visa prepaid cardholders can now travel from Yangon to other destinations with special prices offered by the airline. Every Visa prepaid cardholder who purchases air tickets from Thai Airways from now until September 30th 2015 will have a chance to win special prizes including free tickets to Europe, Japan, Australia and Thailand. A free trolley bag among limited 200 units will be given to purchasers via www.thaiairways.com form 1st June to 31st December. The winners will be chosen on25th November 2015 and publicized on the airways’ website on 20th December, 2015. The 1st prize will be the air tickets from Yangon to any destination in Europe zone. “With growing appetite among Myanmar people to travel aboard, Visa, in collaboration with our partner banks, is pleased to offer this cross-border promotion with Thai Airways. In addition to the usual simple, fast and secure payment we all come to expect from visa, we will provide Visa cardholders in Myanmar special fares and privileges when they purchase their Thai Airways air tickets with their Visa Prepaid Cards,” said Hiro Taylor , Country Manger, Visa Myanmar. Visa announced market entry plans for Myanmar in August 2012 and signed its first licensing agreements with local Banks including KBZ Bank, CB Bank and Myanmar Oriental Bank in October 2012. The official office of Visa was opened in April, 2015 and today, eight local banks get license to work with Visa and five of them have already started services for Visa Multicurrency Travel Prepaid card programs. Mr. Taylor also said “Transitioning from a cash-based economy will take time, but we are glad to be able to share the benefits of simple, convenient and secure electronic payments for goods and services through promotions like this one with Thai Airways.” Visa is a global payments technology company that connects consumers businesses, financial institutions and governments in more than 200 countries and territories, protecting users from frauds and assuring its payment by using a processing network – VisaNet. With 55 years of flying experience, Thai Airways International flies 66 destinations in 33 countries, with nearly 80 aircrafts.