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“Today’s Future” Event Held by TEDxYangon

The third annual TEDx event in Myanmar, TEDxYangon, took place at The Strand Ballroom from 9am to 6pm on October 8. The event brought together more than 800 attendees, over 50 volunteers and 21 sponsors who joined the talks shared by 28 speakers. TEDxYangon has been held annually since 2016 and this year’s event theme of “Today’s Future”, focused on action – what people and organizations are doing today to impact the future. TEDxYangon provided a positive platform to the speakers who shared their ideas to benefit the community and society and to open minds and thinking about the future of Myanmar.

The independently-organized TEDxYangon event is a not-for-profit initiative licensed by TED. This year’s event, which drew 200 more attendees compared to last year, was supported by sponsors which included InHouse Furniture Group, Skynet, MNTV, KBZ Bank, Dulwich College Yangon, The DeBoer Fellowship, Coca-Cola, Media Spike, among others. TEDx events are held in communities all over the world to bring people together to share ideas.