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Three more Trade Border INSIDER NEWS Points to Open

Myanmar authorities have said that three more boarder trade points will be opened in the coming months, bringing the totalnumber of trade points in the country to 18. According to the Ministry of Commerce announcement, two of the new border points will connect Myanmar with Thailand, one will be located in the southern Tanintharyi Region, and the other in Kayah state. The third trade point will be located in Chin State, connecting Myanmar to In- dia. Myanmar’s most lucrative boarder trade points are Muse, Lweje and Chin Shwe Haw for China, Myawaddy for Thailand and Tamu for India. According to the offi- cial data from the Ministry of Border affairs, more than US$ 3 billion was traded at Muse in the 2013-2014 fiscal years.

Cross-border trade defined as the flow of goods and ser- vices across international land borders within a reach of up to thirty kilometers plays an importing in support- ing the livelihood of border communities and thereby, ensuring prosperity in central Asia. Furthermore, by strengthening commercial ties, promoting cultural un- derstanding and deepening community relationships.