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Thilawa SEZ Investment Permits are awarded

An awarding ceremony of Thilawa Special Economic Zone (Thilawa SEZ) Investment Permits for the Thilawa SEZ Zone ‘A’ Development imple- mented by Government of Myanmar and Japan, was held on 12 December 2014 at the

Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Ltd. (MJTD) office at Thilawa SEZ in Yangon, ac- cording to the press release of Japan Inter- national Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The investment permits were issued to sev- eral companies, including two Japanese

companies and one US Company. The Koyo Radiator Co., Ltd was firstly approved com- pany on November 2014.

The visit of Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Secretary in June 2011 and upon the Japan Myanmar Leader’s Summit in 2012 made a

big start for energetic and strategic coop- eration between the two Governments for the development of Myanmar, where the development of TSEZ was one of the most important projects.

The infrastructure such as electricity, water, access road and communication lines were the most challenging ones in parallel with setting up for a preferable law with favorable services to attract the foreign investment and successful implementation of SEZ.

As a cooperative project by Japan and Myanmar, JICA has mainly 3 roles. Firstly, JICA extended concessionary Official De- velopment Assistance (ODA) Loan to the concerned organization of the Government of Myanmar in power supply, water supply, assess road, port sector and communication lines, as a financial support for external in- frastructure.

Parallel to infrastructure, technical support on expert services for setting up Thilawa SEZ Law was implemented by JICA, in co- operation with the Department of Invest- ment and Company Administration of the Ministry of National Planning and Econom- ic Development. And in order to improve the capacity of Thilawa SEZ Management Committee (TSEZMC) and One Stop Service Center (OSSC), JICA extended technical co- operation by dispatching 8 experts to sup- port in administration management, import and export procedures, custom services, logistics management, approval process of licenses and etc., with a huge momentum. Not only the above technical support and concessionary ODA Loan, JICA provide pri- vate sector investment financing to provide the funds needed for industrial complex de- velopment, sales and operation projects on approximately 400 hectares (Zone A area) slated for initial development in the TSEZ after signing a Joint Venture Agreement on 23 April 2014.

With highest commitment of MJTD with its quality works, JICA’s financial supports on external infrastructure, high interest are ob- taining not only from Asian companies, but also from US and Europe companies by in- vesting in TSEZ, the economic zone with the most attractive and preferable place to be invested, situated at the outskirts of Yangon, 23 kilometers southeast of the city center. Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Lim- ited is Thilawa SEZ Class A Development Company established in January, 2014. Its Shareholders are 49% by MMS Thilawa De- velopment Co., Ltd. (Mitsubishi Corporation, Marubeni Corporation and Sumitomo Corpo- ration) including10% of JICA; 41% by Myan- mar Private SPC (Special-Purpose Company) and 10% by Myanmar Government (Thilawa SEZ Management Committee).

MJTD is focusing on Development, Sale, Op- eration and Maintenance of Industrial Park.