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The Rise of New China

Annual sessions of NPC (National People’s Congress) and CPPCC (Chinese People Political Consultative Conference) have been completed recently in March. The two plenaries mustered consensus and bolstered further strengthening of China’s modernisation and status in this new world.

Xi’s principles & continuity

President Xi has been reaffirmed for the third 5-year term as the leader – the President of China, General Secretary of the CPC and Chairman of Central Military Commission. That could only mean one thing – Xi principles of building socialism with Chinese characteristics can be further cemented by piling resources to successful modernisation of 1.4 billion people and common prosperity for everyone. Obviously, the other three unique features of Chinese path to modernisation, balancing of material and cultural-ethical progress, harmonious co-existence between humanity and nature, and peaceful development would supplement the first two principles.

With the continuation of the good principles and righteous leadership, China is in no doubt, well positioned to scale new heights towards the top in various barometers of measuring success. As Xi mentioned in his last book, the first recommendation of CPC going towards a model socialist society was to promote high quality development.

For that high quality development, China would focus on original and pioneering research, increase capacity in science and technology, advance reforms in these two areas to support innovation, build an innovation ecosystem and become a global leader of talent resources. Digital economy is also part of this high quality development and with China’s government stability and strength in cyber governance, the digital economy can play a critical role in the new development dynamic into giving China an edge in international competition.

New wolf warrior

The original wolf warrior Wang Yi has been promoted to the Central Committee, the CPC’s highest decision making authority. In his place came Qin Gang, the new Foreign Minister. He held a press conference on China’s foreign policy and foreign relations on the sidelines of the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress and impressed the international crowd of reporters with his fiery statements, highlighting that “Chinese diplomats would have no choice but to confront head on to protect the motherland when jackals and wolves are blocking the way, and hungry wolves are attacking China”. A fine example of talent development perhaps, when one wolf warrior handing over the reins to another equally ferocious one.

Opening up of China

In expectation of elevation of its status globally, the buzzword for the new China included high-standard opening up to the world from China, at the time when the global openness index keeps declining. Some of the most important aspects of China’s high-standard opening up include sharing opportunities, developing together and improving people’s livelihoods, all with an ultimate aim to build a community with a shared future for mankind. Under this policy, China has issued a series of measures to level the playing field, so that foreign companies can enjoy better business environment in the country. As proof of that, in March 2023, Chinese regulators added more than 1,000 mainland listed companies to a list that foreign investors can access, leaving 90% of mainland stocks open to foreign investors.

Empirical evidence

The new China is making itself known in the global stage. From financial resources to talent to manufacturing capabilities, China already has all the hard powers. It is now in full display of its soft powers: The Sunni and Shia majors of Iran and Saudi are at peace now because of China. China is playing a significantly larger role in the Middle East. It’s also laying down plans to start the process of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine. China is part of the BRICS initiative to put forward a global currency to counter USD. It strengthened SCO for political, security and economic relations among countries of eastern Europe and Asia. It signed many bilateral deals with significant trading parters, to use counter-party currencies instead of USD in their respective trades.

Even foreign leaders are taking note. French president Macron changing attitude that differs from US and many other EU countries, reflected the positive impact that China is having from its reforms and soft power displays at global stage.

How Myanmar can tag along

First, we must learn a lot from our big brother. From peaceful development to cyber governance to rules for writers and artists, China is already getting it right. We can simple emulate some of that. Now China is at the second stage of its development. Myanmar, being its closest neighbour, must take full advantage of China opening up to the world, while lifting its own standards of exported goods and services along the way. “Green hills bathe in the same cloud and rain. The same moon lights up towns however far away”, said Wang Changling, renowned poet of Tang Dynasty, highlighting shared prosperity among neighbours and people.

We can also be united with China by having our very own wolf warriors as the West continuously come up with deceptive rhetoric against Myanmar. “To improve conduct, one should dare to offend others”, said Huang Kecheng, former Chief of the Chinese Army. We cannot have a foreign policy that focus purely on defence. Without such warriors, Myanmar could end up being another Ukraine, in the contest for superiority between the two economic superpowers of the world.