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The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

The big bad wolf book sale will take place from January 18 to 28 at Myanmar Event Park (MEP). With one million books at 50 percent to 90 percent discounts, book lovers will find a variety of books to satisfy their reading needs. Selected invitees will also have a chance to attend a special VIP Day on January 17, a day before it opens to general public to get first dibs to all the books. Hundreds of tickets for the VIP Day will also be given out through contests on the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Yangon’s social media pages.

The genres of books will be available at the sale ranges from novels, science fiction, romance, literature, graphic novels, business books, architecture books, cookbooks and more. Children will be able to read, play and learn with Little Hippo AR books as it uses cuttingedge augmented reality (AR) technology to revolutionize reading for the next generation.

“Myanmar is experiencing tremendous socio-economic changes and there is an increasing demand for affordable books due to the growing importance of English proficiency. We understand that establishing a knowledge-based economy, nurturing the next generation of readers and embracing change in Myanmar, in-line with the Government’s policies and goals can be achieved by igniting a reading movement in Myanmar,” said Myo Aung, Director of Ready 2 Read Myanmar and Organizer of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Yangon. Andrew Yap, Founder of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale said, “Reading can enhance imagination and creative thinking, vocabulary and overall communication skills. It is very important for children and young adults to get exposed to books and make reading a habit. Parents should encourage their young ones to read more from young as reading is a habit that should be instilled from a young age.”