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Terrorist Activities by NNPC on Healthcare Infrastructures and Healthcare Workers

NNPC (NUG/NLD/PDF/CRPH) refers to forces acting together to carry out domestic terrorism activities in .

NUG refers to the so-called National Unity Government formed by exiled NLD ex-ministers and ex-MPs. NLD is the political party led by Su Kyi, who has cheated on the 2020 elections. CRPH is the organization formed by exile NLD politicians, who called for civil war in Myanmar through their terror organization People Defense Force (PDF). All in all, these NNPC four, collected millions of dollars of donations illegally from local and overseas Myanmar to allegedly fund these .

The followings represent up to date list of terrorist activities carried out by these four, on innocent civilians and , all in the name of fighting for democracy! Shame on them and their supporters, locally and abroad!

DateLocationDetails of AttacksCasualties
June 6Maubin Township,
Ayeyawady Region
The explosion of a hand-made bomb under a vehicle parked inside the District Public Hospital.No casualty.
June 23Thegon Township,
Bago Region
The explosion of a hand-made bomb near a COVID-19 checkpoint.One member of the security forces was injured.
June 27Bogale Township,
Ayeyawady Region
Torching the COVID-19 checkpoint (tent) near Tharpaung village.The tent roof was destroyed.
June 29Kyaiklat Township,
Ayeyawady Region
The explosion of a hand-made bomb at the COVID-19 checkpoint.4 men and 1 woman were injured.
July 11Mingaladon Township,
Yangon Region
Grenade attack to six Tatmadaw’s vehicles transporting medical supplies for a Military HospitalOne vehicle’s windshield
was broken.
July 14Amarapura Township,
Mandalay Region
Seven terrorists opened fire while seven members of the group, including a responsible citizen, Daw Thet Thet Cho, were distributing masks and hand gels in Myoma Market.Thet Thet Cho (Dead)
July 22North Okkalapa Township, Yangon RegionTerrorists destroyed a copper oxygen pipe connecting to the emergency and maternity ward for COVID-19 patients in General Hospital.A copper oxygen pipe was destroyed.
July 27Myitkyina-Shwebo Road,  Sagaing RegionA vehicle carrying COVID-19 vaccines was destroyed by an explosion at the entrance of Mawhan village near the Nansi Aung checkpoint.Windshields were damaged and no one was injured.
Aug  1Mayangon Township,
Yangon Region
Two grenades explosion at COVID-19 vaccination center.3 civilians (injury)
1 volunteer (injury)
Aug 3Shan State (South); Pekhon TownshipA remote bomb exploded at City Hall while Covid-19 vaccination was carrying on.2 civilians (Dead)
2 policemen (Dead)
1 policeman (injury)
Aug 5Ye U Township, Sagaing RegionWhen Thaung Htay, administrator of
Nyaung Ni Kan village tract, returned to
Ye U from Wet-Phyu village with his father after receiving Covid-19 vaccination. Ten terrorists stopped his motorbike and beat Thaung Htay to death.
Thaung Htay (Dead)
Aug 5Hline Township, Yangon RegionIn No. (6) Ward, San Lin, and his wife, Daw Thida, residents of Ukkyin Station Road, were shot by two masked terrorists in PPE uniforms.San Lin (Dead)
Thida (Deadly injury)
Aug 6Kyaikto Township, Mon State.A hand grenade exploded near the Kyauk Klap Bridge between Milestone No. 90/2-1 on the Yangon-Mawlamyine Old Road.The windshield of the vehicle and two rear view mirrors were damaged. No casualties.
Aug 9Kawlin Township
Sagaing Region
Two remote mines planted by extremists exploded at the COVID-19 checkpoint at the entrance to Kawlin and the checkpoint was also attacked by a 40mm motor.1 civil-servant (injury)
3 Policemen (injury)
1 Policeman (Dead)
Aug 9Namkham Township, Shan State (North).Two terrorists threw a handmade bomb at the COVID-19 vaccination centre in Kyar Phyu Hall.The 5”x5” concrete floor
was destroyed.
Aug 10Myaing Township, Mandalay Region.At the COVID -19 checkpoint in Pike Thin village, six terrorists tied their hands  behind their back and Aung Zeya was shot by a gun.Aung Zeya (Dead)
Aug 15Pale Township,
Sagaing Region
Three terrorists threw with a homemade
bomb, while Myint Naing, a member of the “Saetanar” Volunteer Group, and three administrative members were discussing COVID-19 preventive measures in front of his house.
No injury
Aug 18Athok Township
Ayeyawady Region
Terrorists opened fire on Win Naing, chairman of the Free Oxygen Distributor.Win Naing (Dead)
Aug 28Chanmyathazi Township, Mandalay RegionA handmade bomb exploded near the COVID-19 border checkpoint.The vehicle windshields
were shattered but no
one was injured.
Sep 6Papun Township Public Hospital, Kayin StateThe KNLA’s 5th Brigade stormed the hospital with artillery and small arms fire.Daw Chit May (78), a patient and
resident of Mae-Thalut
village was injured.
Sep 6Ye Township,
Ywabe Ward,
Thiri Khettara Yadanar City Hall
Two terrorists fired two grenades at the COVID-19 vaccination site.No dead and injury.
Sep 13Aungmyaythazan
Mandalay Region
On 19th Street in Dawnabwar Ward, terrorists exploded a remote-mine in front of the COVID-19 checkpoint between 56th and 57th Streets.1 Security member
1 Volunteer (Dead)
2 civilians (injury)
2 firefighters (injury)
Some security members
Sep 16Kanbalu Township,
Sagaing Region
Terrorists exploded the vehicles conducting COVID-19 preventive measures by using remote mines.The back part of the
Hilux Double Cab and
the front door were destroyed.
Sep 16Kalay Township,
Sagaing Region
A 12-wheel truck carrying oxygen tanks for Kalay Township was exploded on
the road between Kalay and Gangaw.
1 driver (Dead)
Sep 21Village No. 9,
Mawtaung, Tanin
thayi Region
A terrorist opened fire on Village Administrator Aye Min Ko when he served in a joint team for COVID-19 preventive measures.Aye Min Ko (Dead)
Myoe Zaw (Injury)
Sep 25Patheingyi Township,
Mandalay Region.
A terrorist man fired a hand made bomb at the Shwe Kyin COVID-19 checkpoint.Three young women
were injured.