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Telenor Expands Across Myanmar, Promotes Digital Literacy

Telenor Myanmar has opened its 50th lighthouse (ICT technology assistant center) in Kungyankone Township, Yangon Region. The purpose of lighthouse is to contribute rural and urban communities nationwide to access the wide range of economically and socially beneficial information found on the Internet by promoting digital literacy.

At present, Telenor Light Houses are operational in 10 states and regions across Myanmar benefiting over 6000 people. A total of 200 Light Houses are expected to be functional by the end of 2018. Telenor currently partners with Myanmar ICT for Development Organisation (MIDO) for establishing Light Houses in Myanmar.

The centres are run by local entrepreneurs, and Telenor and MIDO conduct regular trainings for local entrepreneurs on how to operate the Light Houses as social enterprises, providing affordable, socially beneficial information services and digital literacy training while remaining economically sustainable.

Min Thu, Telenor Myanmar’s Head of Sustainability said “First-time mobile and internet users from both rural and urban areas will be able to connect with the rest of the world after receiving training at our Light Houses. Through this initiative we also expect to help narrow rural and urban digital divide in Myanmar”

Telenor is currently operating the largest mobile data network in Myanmar with over 5,200 sites serving 16 million customers nationwide. With its growing network, Telenor is in an increasing strong position to use its core business of connectivity to impact Myanmar society.

The Telenor Light House programme is part of Telenor’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives in Myanmar. The initiatives also include Myanmar Mobile Education Project providing non-formal education to underprivileged children; mHealth for maternal and child health information app; and humanitarian relief support for disaster-affected communities. Telenor recently began Special Numbers Auctions that act as a platform to generate donations for various social organizations, including monastic schools and orphanages.