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Taiwan’s SME Bank, Shares its Experience with Myan- mar Banks

Chairman of E.SUN bank, Mr. Gary K.L. Tseng gave a speech on July 27 at Myanmar Banking & Finance Conference. He discussed about how the government and banks can provide a supporting environment for SME financing and economic growth. Chairman Tseng said that SMEs are essential in a country’s economic development and wealth distribution and E.SUN Bank’s major policy in Taiwan is also supporting SMEs with financial services.

He also added E.SUN Bank’s vision is to provide high-quality financial services in professional, convenient and efficient manner, to help SMEs growth and increase their competitiveness, and thus make E.SUN Bank has long worked with Taiwanese SMEs in support of their local and oversea expansion, primarily in China and Southeast Asia, and has developed a total solution tool kit for their business development an financial arrangements.

Chairman of E.SUN Bank, Mr. Tseng said “Taiwan’s successful experience in establishing and managing parks to help SMEs and export business can be a great model for emerging countries including Myanmar”. E.SUN has an experience with working with Taiwanese SMEs so is the perfect partner to support Myanmar’s SMEs in both financial and consultative role.

E.SUN Bank has also received local and international recognition for its SMEs development efforts. Then, it is the only Taiwanese bank receiving SME Credit Guarantee Partner Awards for 10 consecutive years and ranked No.1 in SME lending volume among private banks in Taiwan. In 2015, it also received” The Best Domestic Bank in Taiwan” from Asiamoney Magazine and “Best SME Bank in Taiwan” from The Asian Banker Magazine.

Founded in 1992, E.SUN Bank is a Taiwan private commercial Bank. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the E.SUN Financial Holding Co., Ltd., which was created in 2002 with a total asset of about $49.50 billion. Various cross-border financial services are offering across Taiwan, ASEAN, China and USA with its network of 152 channels. E.SUN Bank has also opened a Yangon representative office in July, 2013.