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Siam Cement Rebrands in Myanmar

Siam Cement (SCG), the largest cement company in Thailand and Southeast Asia, recently announced a series of product-centric business developments in Myanmar, reflecting the company’s positive outlook on the potential of the Myanmar market. To celebrate, SCG hosted a ceremony with customers, distributors, partners and stakeholders at Sedona Hotel in Yangon.

The event featured an experiential product showcase, to inspire guests with creative and innovative ways to use SCG’s leading-edge and quality products. The exhibition included a look back at SCG’s history and milestones, as well as, booths displaying new applications and uses of SCG Masonry Cement, SCG Post – Tension and SCG Precast.

The highlights of the ceremony were the launching of a new product SCG Masonry Cement and the launch of a customer and product focused Facebook page. SCG Masonry Cement is SCG’s first tailor-made product for the Myanmar market which was developed over one year and a blind testing was conducted with more than 50 masons. The SCG Masonry Cement with a high bonding strong formula cement is said to have received a 95 percent satisfaction rate from masons.

The celebration was hosted by new SCG Myanmar Country Director, Attapong Sathitmanotham, who hails from the SCG business in Indonesia. At the ceremony, Sathitmanotham said, “To stay competitive and meet the needs of our ever-evolving consumers, we must be at the forefront of industry trends and continuously innovate our product and service offerings. Through our high quality products, we hope to continue to stake our claim as experts in the cement and building materials sector, solidifying the SCG brand in Myanmar. As we build our position as a trusted partner for our customers, we also hope to improve the livelihoods of the Myanmar people through economic, social and environmental initiatives.” He added, “ We are pleased to welcome a new communications channel – the first and official SCG Myanmar Facebook page – where SCG and customers can share product knowledge, tips and tricks about SCG products, inspirational ideas and global and local industry trends. With the rise of social media, we recognize this is an imperative step to stay connected with our valued customers and partners.”

Concerning the SCG Masonry Cement, Sathitmanotham said that SCG believes it to be successful in Myanmar as the site test and laboratory test of the said cement were done well and and it was produced to meet the needs of Myanmar market. The new product is said to have started selling in Myanmar starting from August 9, with the price range from 4800-5000 Kyats per bag.