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Samsung brought Galaxy Tab A to Myanmar

On 17th May 2015, the latest prod- uct of Galaxy Tab series; Galaxy Tab A was launched by Samsung Myanmar. This new tablet includes S-Pen for reading, writing and games-play and users will be able to switch the Multi-Users-Mode from Personal Mode featuring 4:3 aspect ratio and Adpative Display for reading, movie-watching and net surfing. Newly introduced Galaxy Tab A offers a wider connectivity providing Microsoft’s Word, Excel and Powerpoint Android apps as well as Multi-window and Multi-tasking. Users will also be able to enjoy two-year free storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive for 100 GB. Additional features include Quick Connect, SideSyn 4.0 and Smart Switch for Galaxy Tab A. Samsung Myanmar’s Managing Director Mr. Nam Sik Ahn said that this latest Galaxy Tab series product helps in creating great- er connectivity. According to him, Galaxy Tab A users will be able to connect to their friends, family members and colleagues for work or entertainment as well as easy connect with other Samsung Devices.

Galaxy Tab A comes in two version; 8.0 inch Galaxy Tab A and 9.7 inch Galaxy Tab, both in White and Smoky Titanium colors. Samsung Myanmar host special purchasing programs on 17th and 18th of May offering packages for Tab A 8.0 of original pricing at 376,000 kyats reduced to 190,000 kyats including a 16 GB micro SD card and for Tab A 9.7 of 430,000 kyats to 230,000 kyats with a 16 GB micro SD card. Lucky draws including Tab A 8.0 and MPT top-up card for purchasers of Galaxy Tab A and other Samsung products were also available during these two days.