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Rice and Noodle Resturant

Almost everyone admires and loves the tasty and spicy Thai Food. You can see lots of Thai Restaurants around Yangon. Another is joining the crowd at the back of ParkRoyal Hotel and near Dangon (1) School. From Alan Pya Pagoda Street, you will see the new Rice and Noodle Restaurant.


Located along Nawaday Street in Dagon Township, customers can easily access to Rice and Noodle restaurant by car or on foot. Upon entering the shop, you will notice the neat and simple decoration; the colours of walls and decoration is white based which the place looks cooling, despite hot weather outside.

The restaurant is split into two storeys with 9 tables upstairs and 4 downstairs. It can seat up 54 people.

Compare to other shops around this location, the prices are really reasonable. The theme of this restaurant is like enjoying the famous Bangkok street food whether you are local, expat or tourist. Everyone in Myanmar can enjoy the Bangkok street food with reasonable price.

The Menu

You can start with grilled pork stick or grilled pork balls as tasty appetizers, then select various rice and noodle dishes for a main course.

For rice fans, you can basically choose crispy pork, red roasted pork, stewed pork leg, 3mix (red roasted pork, crispy pork and roasted duck), Hainanese chicken, deepfried chicken, roasted duck to go with your rice or as separate dishes.

For noodle, there are 4 options; Egg noodle, Jade noddle, Thin-rice nocodle, Flat-rice noodle. You can add dumpling (pork or shrimp) to the dishes.

To enjoy the real taste of Bangkok, Tom yum noodle is must to try. For every noodle, you can either choose soup or salad base. Size wise, you can order normal size or large size. It only costs around 3000 Kyats per bowl. There are over ten kinds of drinks. Thai Iced Tea is the most famous because of its original Bangkok street taste. Lime juice with honey or soda is currently a rising star as the weather in Yangon becomes humid and rainy. It will surely leave you feeling refreshed. Green tea fans also should not miss Matcha Green Tea drink. All drinks are available in regular and large sizes.

Do not forget to end your experience at Rice and Noodle with grass jelly as your dessert.

Final Verdict

If you want to taste Bangkok street food, Rice and Noodle is the must-go place. You will definitely taste Bangkok street food without actually going to Bangkok. Prices are reasonable. Food is hygienic. The restaurant claims to have no MSG in all dishes.