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Q n A with a Political Insider

In this series, we would try to answer typical questions asked by foreigners, expats and diplomatic community on the political affairs of Myanmar and try to correct some misunderstandings and misinformation being published across social and foreign media. Now, the first question on every foreigner’s mind …

WHY did the current military administration not held talks with NLD to resolve the crisis amicably through dialogue?

This is one common question we normally hear from those who have not been to Myanmar long or who have been politically ignorant. The last elections were held in November 2020. Besides breaking many elections rules (such as the President Win Myint and Su Kyi campaigning while holding  top government positions, promising public expenditure projects for votes, etc), NLD decided to commit fraud during the elections.

There are enormous voters irregularities, proven through video and other evidences. All in all nearly twelve (12) millions in fraudulent votes were involved, including more than 20,000 people above the age of 100 voted, making Myanmar the country in the whole world with the most number of centenarians. Since the end of November 2020, the military branch as well as other political parties, have been asking NLD and its appointed elections commission countless times to investigate these frauds and those who committed them. These requests, in writing and publicly, were totally ignored.

Think about this. Even if you are the top of the class during the term, should the university or college let you pass and let you be the top, if you cheated on the final exams?? That’s exactly what happened. NLD cheated! And they would not investigate and be held accountable because they themselves knew they cheated.

Totally ignoring countless requests, reminders and eventually that ultimatum the military would act in accordance with the constitution, from November till end of January, NLD proceeded formed the new parliament based on fraudulent votes. Finally on the January 30, senior generals from the military went to see Su Kyi personally to request (or even beg) her to resolve the issue. Su Kyi refused to see them personally. Instead, she asked one of her close aid/minister to tell the senior generals, to either GIVE HER POWER OR SEE THE COUNTRY DISINTEGRATE! Now you know who is the one who refused the dialogue and who has been the hardliner. Only in the last minute, when power hungry Su Kyi challenged the military to give her power based on fraud, military has no choice but to take over from the corrupt NLD administration.