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PARIBAWGA Celebrates the Opening of Its Showroom in Downtown Yangon

Paribawga, a Myanmar contemporary and bespoke furniture company run by Pun + Projects, has opened its first showroom in downtown Yangon on Bogalayzay Street. The ground floor showroom is located in a colonial building and features an innovative lifestyle concept, which combines contemporary interior design with a cafe that opened at the end of last month. The Paribawga collection is designed and manufactured under the supervision of master carpenter Marcelo Maier, and consists of furnishings and accessories for living and working. A highlight of the first collection is a burnt finish, which updates traditional teak wood with a rich, smoky exterior. Maier said, “The quality of the wood is the soul of the tree. It is a living material, and to show its beauty, you need to understand how it moves. I hope this philosophy will be reflected in every piece I create.” In addition to the collection, Paribawga offers specialty bespoke furniture services for private individuals, companies and designers. Meanwhile, Paribawga cafe features an upscale vegetarian small plate menu focusing on high quality fresh produce and organic flavour combinations to complement the lush textures and earthy ambiance of the Paribawga showroom.