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Opening Ceremony of NR Comfort Design

On August 18, NR Comfort Design held the opening ceremony at its first showroom located at Shwe Gabar Housing, Mindama Rd, Mayangone Township. At the ceremony, Bob Chew, Director of NR Comfort Design, Khin Marlar, Managing Director of NatRay and Nay Lin, President of the Myanmar Restaurant Association (MRA) cut the ribbon at the presence of invited guests as well as media.

NR Comfort Design showroom in Myanmar at to upgrade Myanmar’s Food and Beverage Industry with modernized, durable furniture designs for restaurants, offices and hotels at the affordable prices. Established in 1979, Comfort Design has established itself as one of Singapore’s leading furniture company fulfilling both residential and corporate needs. With the experiences gained over the years within the industry, major F&B brands have come to trust Comfort Design and became its repeat customers.

The quality of furniture’s from NR Comfort is attractive with unique designs, used in both indoor as well as outdoor, flexible and comfortable. Now, local people can enjoy modernized excellent quality of furniture from NR Comfort Design at reasonable and affordable price for customer’s restaurants, hotels and homes.