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Ooredoo Teams up with Myanmar Red Cross to Deliver 21 Water Projects

Ooredoo has announced a community development water project for tube wells as well as ponds. It intended to provide sustainable access to clean water to a number of underserved villages such as Wun Dwin, Myittha, Aye Daw, Pale, Seikphyu, Pauk in the dry zone in upper Myanmar and villages in flooded areas like Thar Paung in the delta region of Myanmar.

Ooredoo stated that they understood that access to clean water and sanitation facilities is crucial in order to prevent the spread of water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and dysentery and help deal with the effects of the water shortages during summer. The company donated 31,719,100 Kyats towards disaster relief and sustainable development supporting a total of 21 tube wells and ponds together with a water storage, distribution and awareness programme. The primary objectives of the awareness programme is to improve water conservation and water sanitation as well as promoting good hygiene practices in vulnerable communities and schools in what is termed as the dry zone of Myanmar and 2016 flood affected areas.

Chris Peirce, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer of Ooredoo Myanmar said, “The humanitarian needs of people in the affected areas are immense, and it’s vital, therefore, that we partner with Myanmar Red Cross Society to bring aid to the thousands of men, women and children who need clean water. We are proud of partnering with the Myanmar Red Cross Society because it is the leading and oldest humanitarian organization in Myanmar committed to improving the health and well-being of vulnerable people.”