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Ooredoo and Nokia Enter in a Partnership

Ooredoo Myanmar and Nokia have agreed to enter into a partnership to introduce first ever Internet of Things (IoT) services platform in the country. The platform will allow its customers, especially in enterprise and government sectors to build customized solutions to streamline and govern their respective operations on a real time basis. The IoT platform could potentially be used to support latest global technologies of connected homes and connected devices – such as Vehicle Telematics and Smart Homes.

“Sensing as a service” has been successfully deployed in Yangon, Myanmar’s commercial center. The test involved sensor deployment at existing Ooredoo’s infrastructure at key base sites along with Nokia’s Sensing as a Service technology to capture not only basic environmental data such as humidity & temperature but also complex data such as pollution along with pollutant levels such as Methane. Sensors were deployed at various locations, including the airport, central business district, residential and commercial areas, industrial areas and parks to provide town level accurate information.

IoT technology is the basis of the smart city concept. Nokia Sensing as a Service is powered by blockchain technology and utilizes the existing infrastructure. The service providers can deploy sensors at the base stations and these are then integrated into an IoT real-time monitoring platform. The data is collated, analyzed and insights from the data allow the service providers to come up with new products and services. Essentially it helps the operators use the prevailing infrastructure to generate new revenue streams. Also by leveraging the Nokia AVA platform and Nokia’s advance analytics capabilities they will be able to scale solutions and provide added value on top of their IoT services. Vikram Sinha, Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Myanmar said, “We firmly believe IoT will go a long way in enriching Myanmar’s economy at large and life of citizens in specific, in tangible ways. We are confident that with the combination of Ooredoo’s nextgeneration mobile network and Nokia’s innovative solutions, this partnership will be able to bring value addition to critical sectors such as public health, connected devices & homes, healthcare and smart cities – pushing forward the Government’s digital strategy and vision to use IoT technology to enhance sustainability and to improve citizens’ quality of life.”

Danabalan Amirthalingam, Country Senior Officer at Nokia Myanmar said, “We are excited to work with Ooredoo to empower cities for the future. Our solutions are designed to provide a shared, secure and scalable platform that ensures the best use of urban resources and data to enable the human possibilities of smart and sustainable cities. Nokia’s IoT for Smart Cities is a fully integrated modular and scalable framework to deliver and manage smart city services efficiently.”