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Nestlé Milo Launches 2018 Football Coaching Clinic

2018 Football Coaching Clinic was held in Yangon, Mandalay and Mawlamyine by Nestlé Milo to promote sports and active lifestyles among children. Each three days coaching clinic will train children on their football skills and sportsmanship skills while advocating the benefits of team sports for children’s holistic development among parents. During the training, the children will not only strength their physical ability but also experience the benefits of teamwork and learn about the values of humility, determination, courage, respect and team spirit. “At Milo, we believe that the values learnt from the sport lead to lifelong success, we are committed to enabling and inspiring more kids to play sports regularly and develop healthy, active lifestyles. Our aim is to support parents in their children’s development through our programs and our products, and ultimately contribute to a healthier generation of Myanmar champions through sports and balanced nutrition,” said Ivy Tan, Senior Marketing Manager of Nestlé Myanmar.