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Mytel’s 1s=1s Billing

Mytel announces the simple billing system of 1s = 1s for the subscribers. With a long-term commitment to customers, Mytel introduces some plans with its entry to Myanmar market and 1s = 1s is also one of the offers. Charging block 1s = 1s, also known as per second billing is a simple and transparent billing rule which allows customers to pay only for what they call. Mytel is the first telecom operator in Myanmar with per second billing. With 1s= 1s, customers have full control over their actual spending, providing freedom and worriless usage and allowing them to make more calls for the same money. Zaw Min Oo, Chief External Relations Officer of Mytel said, “One of Mytel’s missions is to gain trust from customers and strong bonding with them. In order to do so, we believe that transparency is the key and that’s why we provide 1s = 1s, ensuring customers pay only for the time they use the network. We hope this will bring a good difference to our customers as they will not be overcharged”. 1s = 1s is a way for customers to actively check the charge history at any time desired. With Mytel, users can get 100% return on top-up cards, all days of the week as well. Mytel has launched its nationwide services on June 9 and signed up more than 1 million subscribers. Mytel aims to empower Myanmar consumers through its variety of products, services and CSR programs.