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MySQUAR and Telenor Team Up for Billing Services

MySQUAR, Myanmar-language social media company announced that it has successfully integrated and utilized the billing service of Telenor Myanmar. It has become easier for Telenor customers to purchase apps and make in-game purchases when using the MySQUAR social media platform, according to their press release.

MySQUAR said revenue is anticipated to increase with this integration and more convenient payment options. Telenor Myanmar will earn a share of revenues as part of the integration.

“The integration and revenue share with Telenor Myanmar gives MySQUAR access to its large, growing user base and we expect this streamlined payment process will contribute towards monetisation results for the financial year ending 30 June 2017 and thereafter,’ said Eric Schaer, CEO of MySQUAR.

The integration will give MySQUAR access to Telenor’s large subscription base for enhanced distribution and marketing opportunities and in-app purchases will now be easier for MySQUAR users that are also Telenor subscribers.