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MyJustice for Better Access to Legal Services in Myanmar

The European Union (EU) and the British Council announced the launch of MyJustice, a new program aimed at enhancing access to justice for the poor, vulnerable and marginalized across Myanmar. The four-year (2015 to 2019) program is funded by the European Union and managed by the British Council.

MyJusitce will work to equip communities, the legal profession and justice institutions to better use and respond to innovations, such as community mediation and paralegal services, cultivating a more community-driven approach to local justice issues. The Head of Cooperation at the European Union Delegation to Myanmar, Isabel Faria de Almeida said, “The rule of law is a priority for the EU and of great importance for the reforms in Myanmar because there can be no true democracy without the Rule of Law. The EU is delighted to support MyJustice which will promote genuine rule of law in Myanmar and should deliver tangible benefits to the people.”

MyJustice will adopt a people-centered approach to encourage learning, trust and collaboration among all: communities, civil society, legal professionals and justice institutions. Communities in up to six regions and states will be supported in order to deliver more equitable justice services.

Kevin Mackenzie, Director, British Council Myanmar, said, “MyJustice marks a major step forward in one of the country’s key development priorities. Fair application of the rule of law depends on trust between the individuals, communities and institutions that deliver justice. The British Council’s purpose has always been to build trust and we are excited to be working with our wider community partners in this vital area of reform.”

The program’s community-driven and locally-led approach will empower communities to deliver proper solutions to the justice challenges they face.

By building on existing formal and informal structures and practices (community mediation, paralegal services and policy dialogue forums), MyJustice aims to develop a lasting impact on the way in which disputes are resolved and justice is served in Myanmar.