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Myanmar Ready for Singapore Franchises

Astreem and Myanmar Entrepreneurs Network (MMEN), hosted Singapore franchise business matching event on September 23 at Melia Hotel. The business matching event brought together potential franchisees, franchisers and academics to exchange ideas and contacts and was attended by more than 70 organizations.

The event aims for the franchisees in Myanmar to take a step forward to start their own franchise business in the country by connecting with well-known restaurant chains and schools from Singapore. The famous restaurants chains include Baba Win’s Pernankan Food, Han’s restaurant, Snackz it’s fried Taiwanese snacks, Tenderfresh’s fried Chicken, Joe & Dough cafe, Gelato Fix, Sheffield school, Makisan and Burger Bar.

MMEN and Astreem aimed to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, academics and experts across the country to make connections while immersing themselves in the experience, entrepreneurial spirit and stories of other entrepreneurs.

Launching the event, Hsien Naidu, Director from Astreem says, “This is the time for Myanmar since the country is opening up and the sanctions being lifted that spell a formula for enormous opportunity”. She also said that investors who are interested in franchises should start now since there are many opportunities in the country and they can start make their dreams come true. The event started with a presentation from Hsein Naidu about starting a franchise followed by business match-making with 20 minutes for each franchisee. The afternoon concluded with another presentation and networking sessions.

At the event, Chua Tianhao, Co-Founder of Myanmar Entrepreneur Network, MMEN said “Few countries have the potential to grow like Myanmar. Now that the country has opened up, there are more room for more restaurants. We selected the brands that will be suitable for Myanmar at this event”. He also stated that MMEN will continue to organize events which will benefit fellow entrepreneurs in the country