Myanmar E-commerce Consumers Survey 2020

As the world is going through COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending vast amounts of time at their homes and going online, leading consumers to digital devices for essentials and stipend splurges. is no exception.

The in Myanmar is also growing gradually and more users are now buying from online shops since they are stuck at home during the lockdown period. In August, a survey of 100 people about online shopping resulted in 91 people using online shopping while the rest 9 people have never done it before.

When asked why they shop online, 30 people answered they enjoy online shopping due to its less time consumption, 22 people answered that they can get anything they want from one place and the rest 39 people answered because of the home delivery service.

According to the survey, 52 people spend from 10,000 Ks to 20,000 Ks per month for online shopping, 13 people spend under 10,000 Ks and 20 people from 20,000 to 50,000 Ks. The rest 6 people spend 60,000 Ks and above.

When asked them about the online shops that they do not trust, people answered.

  1. Wish Online Shop
  2. Yduck
  4. Angle
  5. Nike
  6. Adidas

Items that people want online shops to sell include;

  1. Medicine
  2. Sale items of brand and digital products
  3. Household items and pet accessories
  4. Branded Items
  5. Books
  6. Items which are ensured to be of good quality
  7. Electronics
  8. Trending products
  9. Skincare
  10. Clothing and personal items
  11. Guitar-related products and accessories
  12. Food

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