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Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF) and the US ICT

US ICT Council for Myanmar kicked off their Digital Literacy Teachers Training (DLTT) pilot program on June 24 in Yangon with 33 participating secondary school teachers. The DLTT, supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE), aims to equip teachers with essential digital knowledge and skills that align with the capacity-building goals set by the Union Government’s inter-ministerial Digital Economy Development Committee (DEDC).

The program curriculum covers practical, hands-on lessons on accessing information online, the effective use of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers for education purposes, and engagement with online communities and social networks while adhering to behavioural standards. Discussions will also include awareness and critical understanding of issues emerging from access to and use of digital technology.

Khin Mar Swe, Deputy Director General, Yangon Education Office, Ministry of Education, said, “We have collaborated with MBAPF for the development of libraries in schools. We believe that this Digital Literacy training for teachers will contribute to their professional development and help them prepare our youth for the future digital Myanmar.”

The 33 teachers who are taking part in the pilot implementation of DLTT were selected from the following Basic Education High Schools in Yangon: BEHS 1 Dagon, BEHS 1 Lanmadaw, BEHS 2 Bahan, BEHS 2 Dagon, BEHS 2 Kamayut, BEHS 2 Latha, BEHS 2 San Chaung, BEHS 4 Ahlone, BEHS 5 Botahtaung, BEHS 6 Botahtaung and Kamayut BEHS TTC. Following a ‘training of trainers (ToT)’ mentoring model, the digital literacy program aims to enable

teachers to teach basic digital skills to students and to cascade the skills to other teachers. The training will be delivered in Myanmar language by experienced MBAPF trainers.

The US ICT Council for Myanmar, a local industry association made up of American technology

companies, provided funding for the program and is collaborating with DEDC on various training initiatives. “We are delighted to partner with the MBAPF and to support the vision of the MOE and DEDC in empowering Myanmar teachers with new IT skills and knowledge,” said Max Shu Teasdale, Executive Director, US ICT Council for Myanmar.