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MPA teamed up with Starhigh Asia Pacific for the Navigability of the Yangon River

Myanmar Port Authority (MPA) and Starhigh Asia Pacific Pte., Ltd. planned to dredge for the inner bar known as Monkey Point near the Yangon Port. On 30th April 2015, they partnered in order to dredge the sediment and debris from the bottom of a body of water which are common in waterways like channels and harbors. Dredging of the Yangon River will improve navigability for ships and reduce traffic near the port as the river was previously too shallow, and vessels were only able to enter and exit during high tide. The project started on 30th March and was completed on 10th April. They extended the Yangon River depth by 1.5 meters, from 3.5 meters to 5.0 meters to be navigable. “We recognized that the dredging of the river was a greater opportunity to give back to the MPA and to the people of Myanmar,” said U Phone Khine Shwe, General Manager, Starhigh Asia Pacific Pte., Ltd.” “As an act of goodwill, we offered to undertake this project at our own cost. With the improvement of the Yangon River, we’ll firstly be able to solve the traffic problem.”

“The project will also support the economic development of the country, as more ships will be able to enter and exit the port, increasing the rate of business in the country,” he added. Along the Yangon River, there are many container terminals located which added to the necessity of the project. The

deepening of the river will not only allow for more vessels, it will also allow for vessels requiring deeper water depths to pass through.

Starhigh has already executed river engineering and channeling projects in Mawlamyine and Dawei over the past few years. In Singapore, Starhigh is undertaking the Jurong Island West Extension project. Star high plans to expand into marine construction in the future.