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MIT launches SAP for Myanmar businesses

Myanmar Information Technology (MIT), Myanmar Software Company, launched SAP to support local businesses’ growing IT demands in Yangon on 16th March.

SAP provides complete business management functions covering accounting and financials, sales and customer relationship management, purchasing and operation, inventory and distribution, and reporting and administration.

SAP, the best of breed solution in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), is well known around the world for harmonizing the business process and offering faster actionable insights through real time data.

“We are excited that Myanmar can join more than 282,500 global customers in running efficient management process to translate business objectives in reality”, said Sanjeev Pandey, General Manager of SAP Business Development Division at MIT. Self-sufficient in standard SAP implementation, MIT is also developing third party solution to meet the unique business needs that is supposed to seamlessly integrate and supplement the potential of SAP.

Realizing the local market need, MIT is developing four add on for SAP-POS (point of Sale), Data Synchronization, Reporting and Promotion module, according to Nay Linn Than, Director of Enterprise systems and E-Government Solutions Division at MIT. He also added. “We will continue to develop innovative solution for interface with our customers which will contribute to improving their business process”.

MIT is a leading local partner for SAP ‘all- in-one’ (SAP A1) and SAP Business One (SAP B1) in Myanmar. The former is a business management software for small and medium enterprises, and the latter is a business management software designed for small businesses. MIT has successfully implemented SAP at Pahtama Group, Baron’s Group and Asia Beverages Co. Ltd. The choice of using A1 or B1 will depend on affordability and maturity of the business process.

SAP mission is to help every customer be- come a best run business. From cloud and in memory, to mobile, analytics & beyond, SAP offers solutions and services for every business challenge. MIT has been the first and the largest Gold Partner of Oracle and Microsoft since 2011 and 2013 respectively.