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MIH Launched First CloudShare Service for Enterprise

Myanmar Information Highway (MIH) launched Myanmar’s first hybrid Cloud service MIH CloudShare for enterprises. Passakorn Hongsyik, General Manager of MIH said that, “MIH’s CloudShare service marks a new era particularly in Myanmar, with its versatility, agility and security for users in the market. The service offers users opportunities for closer collaboration, access to a virtual office that is user-friendly and secure. The affordability of MIH CloudShare allows users to try the service while enhancing productivity. Its Palo Alto Firewall, SSL-VPN Encryption, Logging System, Cloud HM Dark Fiber and MEFCE 2.0 and ISO27001 Certification will guarantee world-class security.”

MIH CloudShare service supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android without any hardware implementation. CloudShare is a hybrid Cloud service like Mobile Office which offers convenient access to the user to work anywhere. It provides easy collaboration through online editing with daily back up, easy access anywhere regardless of device or operation system. Unlimited user and self-management features also allow the user to enjoy hasslefree service at a reasonable price. In addition, MIH subscribers can take advantage of its cutting-edge valueadded services (VAS). MIH also offers an IP VPN (virtual private network) service to business customers who need private and secure services. Co-Location services by MIH is a round-the-clock data center solution where the customer chooses the environment and what they need of servers, databases, storage, internet connection, bandwidth and rack space. With these quality driven services, subscribers can enjoy the full capacity and the highest level of security access, fast and conveniently managed with a flexible selection of bandwidth and required connection formats from our fiber internet services. In conjunction with this CloudShare launch, MIH is offering a $25 voucher which is redeemable from its service fee. The MIH CloudShare service starts from $35 per month for 100GB with unlimited users.