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Making Myanmar a Hub Through Sub-marine Links

Interview with Sutas Kongdumrongkiat
Chief Executive Officer of NTT Communications

When was your first visit to Myanmar and what was your first impression back then?

Myanmar is a big country full of natural resource and also quite similar to Thailand which has a culture of hospitality and openness. Over many years, Myanmar is reforming in terms of social, politics and economy. We can see that this country has capability to driving changes.

What do you think of Myanmar now?

According to information from DICA (Directorate of Investment and Company Administration), Myanmar’s economy has continuously grown at approximately 6 – 8% since 2012 with the supportive of the Government. Especially in manufacturing, this country has skilled workers and the lowest labor wages, we can tell this country is attractive for manufacturing and industrial sectors. In the meantime, they still have huge space to fulfill with the technology to drive more for capability of production. Myanmar has the capability to grow up more and more in the future.

What is NTT Ltd. and how did it get started in Myanmar?

NTT Ltd. is a global technology services company bringing together the expertise of leaders in the field, including NTT Communications, Dimension Data, and NTT Security. We partner with organizations around the world to shape and achieve outcomes through intelligent technology solutions.