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JobNet Myanmar Initiated First Real-time Online Salary Survey

In the intricate realm of Human Resources, the lack of timely and accurate salary data to companies across industries can lead to unwanted fluctuations and recruitment challenges in the dynamics of a country’s job market. On June 18, over 300 industry professionals attended the announcement and first public revelation of two tools poised to change the way businesses evaluate the way the hire and bring on talent. Completely developed by JobNet.com.mm and for Myanmar, the first real-time online salary survey will arm companies with more applicable data than ever before. Now, hiring managers & HR departments have at their fingertips the active salary structures from over 105 (and counting) companies to ensure their remuneration packages are competitive. 

“The JobNet.com.mm salary survey helps our business attract, recruit, and retain employees. It helps identify desired market pay position and therefore enables data-based career conversations with prospects and current employees” says Rowena Sy, HR Director at Unilever Myanmar who spoke at the event taken place at Novotel Yangon Max. The tool can be used across the organizations, helping give visibility into HR management against peer companies in the industry using metrics such as percentile base pays, bonus categories, KPIs, and more. By referencing over 3000+ data points, the survey will help companies attract and retain talent by supporting budgeting & cost savings with anonymously provided company positions that are continually reviewed, validated, and cleaned on an ongoing basis. The survey allows companies and HR managers to drive hiring agenda to grow top line revenue while saving bottom line costs to the business. 

Besides the salary survey, and in an effort to bring powerful HR technologies into the Myanmar market, JobNet Myanmar also unveiled the launch of their proprietary Applicant Tracking System and CRM Database technology. The system will allow companies unprecedented control over all aspects of the recruitment process, including digitizing, storing, and saving candidates in a central database, importing external CVs, categorizing candidates in lists, finding previously interviewed and qualified candidates at any time and accessing updated CVs.

“96% of the companies we surveyed in the market save and store CVs in paper folders and cabinets around the office. This is highly cumbersome and frankly an extremely inefficient way of accessing previous applicants. Our vision is to help companies digitize and centralize their company talent pool”, says Matt De Luca, Managing Director of JobNet Myanmar.