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Italian Foreign Minister Visits Yangon Heritage Trust (YHT)

April 7 – Italian Foreign Minister H.E Paolo Gentiloni visited Yangon Heritage Trust and met the Trust’s Founder and Chairman, Thant Myint U, during his trip to Myanmar. Paolo Gentiloni and Thant Myint-U discussed efforts at heritage conservation in Yangon and its relation to broader urban planning at YHT’s offices in downtown Yangon. Thant Myint-U said that the government of Italy had supported YHT’s efforts in the past and he very much hopes it will continue in the future. “I am confident that the Minister’s.

visit will mark the beginning of closer cooperation between the Italian government and the Yangon Heritage Trust,” he said. Thant Myint-U will be leaving soon for a ten day visit to Italy, where he will be speaking in Turin, Venice, Milan, and Rome. The Italian Foreign Ministry said in the press statement that history and culture in particular is an area in which Italy is contributing its experience, by participating with UNESCO and the Myanmar’s Ministry of Culture in activities to preserve the Country’s heritage. Italy’s contribution began in 2011 and has reached 1.4 million dollars.

The projects put in place so far, implemented by UNESCO, have enabled the Ministry of Culture to preserve important sites, including the ancient cities of Pyu, which were included in the UNESCO list in 2014, and the Bagan archaeological area.