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Introducing Go-Paperless Education Technology by Blue Tech Venture Jointly with Ed Tech Myanmar

On July 27, Blue Tech Venture, a subsidiary of Blue Ocean Investment Ltd, held a press conference at Yangon University of Education on releasing diversified university management system (UMS), which enables enrollment function at universities to go digital facilitating communications and data sharing between teachers and students. Union Minister for Education Dr. Myo Thein Gyi said at the event, “The system launched jointly with Ed Tech Myanmar secure the data by using blockchain technology which leads to fast and timely data communication with third parties. Technology stands for resolving problems and pains instead of amplifying them. Teachers and students will enjoy better engagement benefits of technology driven processes reducing information silos.” Blue Tech Venture allows Universities of Education in Yangon and Sagaing and other TVET schools to use in free terms where teachers-to-be are studying, at the same time, deliver the system to other universities at a reasonable price. 

“As a group of company mainly focused on investing in tech start-ups and pursuing strategies towards evolving technology based services, we have successfully introduced  one of technology services for education sector in terms of university management system to the Ministry of Education,” said Tun Tun Naing, Chairman of Blue Ocean Investment Ltd. Associate Professor of Yangon University of Education, Dr Pyone Pyone Aung, shared updates on leveraging processes at universities with technology in terms of SMS notification initiative in 2018, planned trainings to departments and employees for systems newly introduced and further collaboration with KBZ Pay for internet availability. 

After the first phase of product, Yangon University of Education will able to perform functions in exam result management, attendance, reporting and lecturer management and module and online payments. Elements like online assignments, student evaluation forms, academic calendar, Library, Events and Announcements will become available on mobile applications at the second phase. Systems of transcript and certificate verification will continually be implemented under the power of blockchain.