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Interview with 360Pintale YING AMEKONG & KYAW ZAY YA[


When was your first visit to Myanmar?

Ying Amekong: We visited Myanmar last year and have seen many opportunities in Myanmar. We have formed partnerships with Mandalay Advertising to expand widely. We have been requested from our clients to expand into Myanmar and globally as well.

Please tell our readers about 360 Innovative.

Ying Amekong: 360 Innovative is a digital creative agency providing creative online marketing and advertising solutions. We started to establish it with the smartphones and it is now getting expand bigger and bigger by the client’s requests. Today, we are operating a fully digital marketing agency providing both online and offline creative solutions to the clients. Major services are digital marketing, creative design, social network and production house (web and mobile digital solutions, e-commerce and complex database driving systems). 360 Innovative is operated as a group of companies consisting of Int Digital, 30 February and Dec group.

360 Innovative was started to be a digital agency in 2008. It has been a very successful company in Thailand which have over 100 clients and completed over 300 campaigns. We are operating 360 Innovative as a full service digital agency. In Thailand, it is a leading digital agency. Dec group has been founded in Singapore in 2016. It is now expanded widely due to a lot of requests from the  clients. It becomes stronger and can cover all the needs and offer all kinds of solutions for the clients.

We are performance-driven digital s o l u t i o n p r o v i d e r f o c u s e d o n client’s business result. We are one stop performance, making possible measurable interactions between our clients and their customers by delivering unlimited data analysis, creative design and optimization.

Dec group has partnered with 360 Innovative. We registered Dec company in Singapore. We got big portion clients  in Singapore. We try to expand in different countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Myanmar. We are creating new platform and new model of marketing to offer solutions for the global brands. During these days, global clients are looking into the data that will increase their ROI. They are attempting to get back some money from marketing as well.

Please share us other business models under 360 Innovative.

Ying Amekong: 360 Innovative model is a full service digital marketing agency. This model is all about to offer right creation to the right audience at the right time. In Myanmar, people are spending more time on the mobile. When the market in Myanmar becomes more mature, a lot of brands will come here. Clients today are considering something beyond just like the awareness or branding with the help of modern technology.

Digital advertising is used to enhance the brand. In the past, traditional media such as TV is very important for promoting the brand. The clients in Myanmar will start to change because they may want to look for something to measure their investments. Dec group is entering into Myanmar market because they have technology and knowledge to help the clients to measure their spending.

How did Pintale and 360 Innovative collaborate to start the business in Myanmar market?

Ying Amekong: We see the opportunity that we can grow this market together. We will not only expand the market but also educate and give the knowledge to the market as well. One of the reasons to join together is that each of them have different expertises.

For example, 360 Innovative is the regional agency with a lot of technology and experiences gathered over ten years. We have formed partnership with Mandalay Advertising which is a third biggest media agency in Myanmar with more than eight years’ experiences and combined with local knowledge and expertise. This will make 360 Pintale very strong.

Kyaw Zay Ya: I came to realize the need to invest more in digital media than in traditional media because I can forecast that all of our clients will advertise by using digital media in coming two years. Mandalay advertising has partnered with 360 Innovative and established new business identity with the name of 360 Pintale. I hope our partner will support a lot of technology to us. We are planning to share our knowledge not only to our clients but people who are interested in digital media as well.

We also have planned to develop resources in Myanmar by planning exchange program to be more knowledgeable in the digital skills. 360 Pintale is a full service agency in Myanmar with digital and PR specialists. For example, if any client comes to us, we will be one single point or solution to help the client starting from branding strategy.

What is the USP of 360Pintale?

Ying Amekong: Unique selling point of 360 Pintale is the combination of local insights and expertise in digital media. We are running the interesting platform to measure the performance of the marketing. I am very confident about our company because we are digital agency with many year experiences and one of the top leaders in digital businesses. Combining the strength of the local teams with 360 Innovative gives us very unique points.

How will you differentiate your services to other competitors?

Ying Amekong: Actually they are not our competitors, they are considered as our partners. We are planning to work together because in the moderate market like this, we need a lot of supports from other agencies. They are considered as our friends who would like to grow this business together. Working together is the best way to do business for us.

What is the difference between digital landscape of Myanmar and Thailand?

Ying Amekong: Market environment in Thailand is different from Myanmar. Digital landscape of Thailand is very dynamic because of the following reasons: infrastructure in Thailand is very developed. Consumers can access high speed internet very cheaply. Thailand is the second largest digitalized country in Asia.

We have seen very good signs in Myanmar which has just been opened. We see a lot of changes such as a lot of people spend more time on mobile especially young people. People started using Grab because they know that it is easy to use and it can control their spending. In Myanmar, there is a great opportunity to make investments in digital market.