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Ambassador of Conscience Award Withdrawn from Aung San Su Kyi

Amnesty International (AI) has withdrawn the Ambassador of Conscience Award, the award which stands for prestigious human rights, from Aung San Su Kyi for betraying the loyalty she once stood for.

She was awarded in 2009 while under house arrest, for her role in championing peace and democracy. She was described as “a symbol of hope, courage and the undying defense of human rights” by Irene Khan, Amnesty International’s then Secretary General. She received a letter, which said her ambassador title could no longer be justified, from the organization’s current Secretary General, Kumi Naidoo. In that letter, Naidoo wrote that she could not protect the human rights with her political power and human ethics. The award was also withdrawn due to the disappointment of the organization for her absence of protection for Rohingya Musilms (illegal Bengalis) in Myanmar, and more than 700,000 of these illegal people remained in Bangladesh, having fled a military crackdown that began in August 2017.

The letter also included of her, being NLD leader, ignorance of the wars taking place in Kachin and Northern Shan States of Myanmar and that hundred thousands of people had to leave home for their own safety. Moreover, the Aung San Su Kyi-led government’s failure of correcting the oppressive laws for the protection of the right to freedom of expression and peaceful procession to be allowed were also highlighted. Under NLD government, journalists, human rights activists, and those who call for peaceful assembly in their respective jobs were threatened and harassed, according to AI.

Government Planning to Give Land Grants in Chin State

“The state government is planning to give land-use privileges and ownership to entrepreneurs planning to set up hotels in the state. It is hoping the move will attract investors to the sector. Those who are given such grants will be legally required to construct hotels. If they fail to do so, their privileges may be withdrawn,” said Dr. Min Zaw Oo, the Director of investment and Company Administration (DICA). The Chin State Government invited hotel developers in the end of 2016 and the state’s hotel and tourism sector is ranked second by foreign investors planning to invest.

November 3 By-election Results Show Stumble for the NLD

The Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) won three of the 10 seats held by NLD previously in November 3, 2018 by-election. 13 electoral contests took placed and the NLD vied for all 13 vacancies while the main competitor USDP competed for 10 seats. This year by election also resulted good wins in the ethnic constituencies where they gained seats. In 2017 by elections, the ruling NLD party won 9 out of the 19 vacant seats in Pyithu Hluttaw, Amyotha Hluttaw and regional legislatures. All these election results have been confirmed by the Union Election Commission (UEC).