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Good News for Mandalay Car Lovers

Cycle & Carriage Automobile Myan- mar (CCAM) is launching four ma- jor automobiles brands by two official showrooms in Mandalay, an ancient capital of Myanmar, according to the report of CCAM on 8th January 2015.

One will be the Mercedes-Benz Display Center that will exclusively showcase Mer- cedes-Benz of Germany at Sedona Hotel in Mandalay. Another showroom will be a Multi-showroom for Mazda, Fuso and Changan branded automobiles at No. 10 A, corner of 77th and 35th Street in Mahar Aung Myae Township.

CCAM also provides after-sales services by its internationally trained engineers for all four brands of automobiles. Additionally, all the automobiles sold through the show- rooms include world-class service & exten- sive warranties and services will be provid- ed at the same address as Multi-showroom. “Mandalay is a beautiful and unique city and we are very excited to open not one but two showrooms to serve our Mandalay con- sumers. With such well-known brands that we are launching today, we can now serve consumers across different segments of the market as well as different needs. On top of that, we can now provide well-trained auto- mobile engineers & genuine parts for all our brands right here in Mandalay,” said Mr. Chin Kee Min, General Manager of Cycle & Carriage Automobile Myanmar Co., Ltd noted.

According to Senior Marketing Manag- er of CCAM Irene Chong, the first is Mer- cedes-Benz which officially arrived in Myan- mar in July of 2013, mostly Mercedes-Benz are well known for its prestige and luxury. Then Mazda, which arrived later in the year and introduced Myanmar consumers to the innovative SkyActiv Technology.

She also added, “Fuso does not need any introduction, as it is already very popular in Myanmar as economical, suitable for the rugged roads of Myanmar while providing value for money in terms of vehicle price, fuel efficiency and maintenance and repairs. Finally we have Changan, which is most like- ly new to consumers here, but it is a very well-known brand in China for its innova- tion and affordability for the mainstream consumer.”

Cycle and Carriage Automotive Myanmar Co. Ltd. (CCAM) is an Myanmar Invest- ment Commission approved joint venture between Japan Car Co., Ltd (JCCL) and Au- tomobile Century Myanmar. CCAM has been awarded the authorized distributorship for Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Changan and Fuso.