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Gaving for Sea Food?

Seafood is a cuisine that’s a favorite of food lovers all over the world. If you are a fan, we would like to recommend one of the best seafood restaurants in town, Sate Kyite. Main dishes are seafood dishes available with fresh fruits juices and desserts. Myanmar word “Sate Kyite” means as you like or as you wish. The restaurant has a variety of seafood menu and uses very fresh seafood. So if you’re a fan of seafood then it has got plenty of options for you on its menu.


It has a ship shape as exterior decoration. You can see graffiti of anchor, mermaid, aquatic animals such as fish, octopus, decorated as interior design in the restaurant.

Here are some of those dishes with a little bit of extra information about what makes it so special.

“Boiling seafood”, one of the most ordered dishes. It is a kind of broth and comes mixed with noodle, crabs, squids, mussels, enoki mushroom and other seafood. Sour and spicy taste will make you satisfied your craving.

If you love pawn, you will definitely love the “only prawn dish”. The sweet, sour as well as spicy taste of fresh pawns is really good. Its smell is also very appealing. The dish cooked by the restaurant’s own recipe has over 30 prawns. Around four people can enjoy the dish.

New menu “Crabjun” is also a worth recommending dish. It is well-known fact that Cajun seasoning is really good with seafood. Sate Kyit’s chef modified Cajun seasoning as a paste to eat with bread and crab. The freshness of the crab with salty and sour taste of sauce makes it aromatic and perfect.

Final Verdict

The food delivered is as per expectation. All dishes are delicious and fresh. Chefs are local professional chefs with international experiences. In addition, what makes this restaurant’s cool is the service. All the staffs are willingly providing excellent personalized service. In evenings and on weekends, the restaurant is especially crowded. Reservation in advance is best option. Try them and you will come back more for their food. The price is neither too cheap nor too expensive. It is definitely worth trying this place.

The restaurant is open daily and available from 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM.