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Fuji Xerox’s CSR Activities in Mandalay

Fuji Xerox and its local distributor Concordia supported the concept of “Clean Up Mandalay Project” that was planned by Nagata Myanmar in the second largest city of Myanmar with many valuable historical sightseeing spots, but struggling with a serious garbage problem. Nagara Myanmar got the approval from MCDC and will provide 780 units of dust binwith advertisement to all over Mandalay, at major sightseeing spots such as Mandalay Palace, Mandalay Hills, at the public facilities such as MCDC, major hospitals, Mandalay Station and bus stops and also at major shopping centers, streets and roads, etc.

Operation cost of garbage collection services will be covered by advertising revenues. It will be able to provide a sustainable social contribution with less burden for local society. Fuji Xerox fully agreed this CSR scheme and decided to support this project as the first partner with the distributor Concordia. Fuji Xerox started its own CSR project to provide learning materials to the children of Myanmar, aiming to help resolve educational disparity since this year. It plans to distribute a total of 16,000 learning materials to 4,000 children in the country by 2023. Hideaki Kato, General Manager of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Myanmar Branch) said, “We, Fuji Xerox will continuously provide variable CSR activities in order to contribute to support Myanmar Society development”.