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From Tesco to City Mart

Interview with Glen Attewell
Chief Executive Officer of City Mart Holding Co.,Ltd

Please introduce yourself and your background to our readers?

I am Glen Attewell, CEO of CMHL. I was born in Nottingham, UK and attended the University of Sheffield and the University of Birmingham to study computer modelling. Then I first worked for a gas company and my job scopes included computer simulations of gas modelling, gas production and transmission system. And that’s a strange journey from there in my career to where I am today. Then I joined Tesco [UK supermarket chain] in 1985.

How did you end up as the CEO at the City Mart?

First, I worked as a Statistics Controller in Tesco, UK then as a Category Director and then worked as a Commercial Food Director, General Merchandise and Clothing in Tesco, South Korea. After that, I was offered the position of CEO at Tesco India. There, we employed 7,200 people within India, who were just supporting the rest of the business, mainly in the UK and Central Europe, but some work for Asia as well. During that time, Tesco had big problems in the UK. So, it decided to sell most of its Asian businesses and I decided to leave Tesco and went back to the UK for a few years. I enjoyed going back home but I couldn’t really find a satisfying job that I wanted. I did some consultancy, but I couldn’t find the role that fitted me. Then I got a phone call from Headhunter UK, and it was about City Mart in Myanmar. Honestly, I had never heard about City Mart before………