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First Ever Digital CV Identification for Your Professional Resume

Job Seekers will be able to carry around at all times a “Digital CV” without the hassle of bringing hundreds of pieces of paper CV documents starting from the end of August. .com.mm has launched Myanmar’s first Digital CV ID (a QR Code directly linked to the job seekers JobNet Profile and CV).  It will become the future means for data sharing between two parties looking to get in communicate with one another for future job opportunities.

By being the first company to build both the Digital CV and Digital ID technology to be used together, JobNet has changed the way employers and potential employees interact with one another. This seamless data transfer technology will allow for the almost instantaneous ability to share a job seeker’s Digital CV with any prospective employer, and likewise a company is able to display their Digital ID to anyone with a camera phone and it will lead them directly to their company profile.

“This is a game changer for the market. Now, employers can display their Digital ID anywhere from a trade show booth to their shopfront window and prospective employees will be able to visit their Company Profile with one click. Further, Job Seekers will have their Digital CV in their pocket at all times, meaning they never miss a chance for the job opportunity that could change their life!” said Justin Sway, CEO of JobNet.com.mm. The fact that this information is on the internet and that the Myanmar market is better connected than ever means that there is no more need for job seekers or employers alike to carry around paper versions of information about themselves. Now, this secure method of interaction between the two parties is a trusted way to be branded as tech ready with the most up to date personal information.

The power of JobNet’s digital CV ID comes from job seekers and employers keeping their JobNet Profile (individuals) and Company Profile (organizations) 100% up to date with the latest information. As companies post new openings and employees gain new skills, inputting this data onto the platform will make it accessible to all whom it is shared with.

JobNet will be introducing this technology at JobNation 2019 – their bi-annual Fair matching over 15,000 job seekers to 100+ employers. With the new Digital CV and Digital ID tools, this will be the first almost paperless career event in Myanmar.