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FastGo Official Launch in Myanmar Market

FastGo Group cooperated with Asia Sun Group to officially launch FastGo service in Myanmar, marking the first step of Vietnamese enterprises coming to the foreign market in the field of tech-based taxi services .

FastGo is an open application with a platform called on-demand car service. Although it has only been launched for six months in Vietnam, the FastGo application has the second largest number of users in the market and appears in ten cities and provinces across Vietnam with more than 40,000 registered drivers.

According to FastGo’s plan to expand into the Southeast Asia, Myanmar is the first choice because Myanmar is a very potential market and has a rapid growth rate in the areas of e-commerce, tourism and retail with more than 60 million people. Hence, the demands of travel and transportation will increase much here.

Asia Sun Group is one of the major corporations in Myanmar operating in many fields. Asia Sun Group has a strong financial position and understands the market and customer culture well. Sharing the same vision and development strategy by the cooperation with Asia Sun Group, FastGo expects to contribute and promote Myanmar’s digital transformation and economic development in the coming years.

FastGo not only provides ride-hailing service but also aims at developing an on-demand multi-service ecosystem, including daily rides, transportation, travel, food and comprehensive personal finance service. Many people will get new jobs; the service providers will have more customers and opportunities to expand their businesses by using the FastGo application platform.

In 2019, FastGo sets out  the goals:  launching FastGo in major cities / provinces in Myanmar, gaining about two million users and 100,000 partners, investing and calling for investment to continue expanding new services in the Myanmar market.

In Myanmar market, FastGo maintains a competitive advantages and its service strengths. That are no commission fee for driver partners. Only fixed service fee per day, and the amount is not more than 3,000 Kyats, not increase the rates by peak hours or adverse weather conditions. However, FastGo has the TIPs feature and priority services (Priority) for the customers, and FastGo acts as an intermediary role between the customers and drivers to treat the both sides equally and balance the benefits of the both parties.

On the framework of FastGo launch ceremony, we signed a partnership agreement between FastGo and the partners: Mytel, who provides telecom /data services to the partners and customers; BIDV Bank and the top bank Myanmar, who provides financial and payment solutions for the driver partners; Capital Insurance, who provides insurance services for each trip and health insurance services for the partners.

Nguyen Huu Tuat, General Director of FastGo Group said, “With the strength of owning global technology and service platform, FastGo in particular and the Nexttech Group in general, commits to make the best effort to invest in products and services that will be deployed in the Myanmar market. We will always listen to the comments and feedbacks of all aspects of products and services to enhance the quality and complete the products and services at the best. We look forward to becoming a part of Myanmar, becoming your friend and trusted partner.”

With a new step in the Southeast Asian market, FastGo will bring a better service to the customers in the host country and also affirm the name of the first Vietnamese brand in the field of tech-based taxi services in the area. FastGo will perform its slogan successfully “FastGo – Better Ride – Better Life”.