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Exotics Pets in Town!

Are you looking for some exotic animals as pets, there is a pet shop selling the best grade quality of exotic and rare pets in town. You can chose and order your favorite pets in there. I visited to “The Pet House” in November and found exotic and rare animals available in the shop.

Kangal Dog ($500- $1000)

Kangal dog is a breed of large and powerful livestock guardian dog originating from the Sivas province of Turkey. The head is large and moderately wide with drop ears. Its features may be brindle and black pattern, and it has a black mask and black velvety ears which contrast with a whole-body color which may range from light dun to gray. The appropriate ratio of Kangal Dog is slightly long and length of the front leg is slightly higher than half the height of the dog. The usually curly tail completes the unique profile. The life expectancy of Kangal dogs are about 12-15 years. The Kangal is a very large breed of dog, so it is important to provide a diet formulated for large-breed dogs. Despite its size, the Kangal dog is actually very cool and gentle, which makes it a good choice for a family pet. It is better to keep Kangal dog in large yard since they are not recommended for apartment life.

Fennec Fox ($1500-$2000)

Another kind of pet available in the shop is a mammalian breed dog, Fennec Fox, which is a small nocturnal animal and can be found in the Sahara and somewhere else in North Africa. What its make popular is its huge ears and large eyes. Its large ears are very sensitive enough to hear the prey from long distance away and moving underground. As it is an animal, its coat, thick fur, ears and kidney functions are already adapted for high-temperature, low

water and desert environments. The coat is often a sandy color and fluffy which make them feel warm in chilly night. The fennec fox is a smallest fox only about the size of the small cat. The fennec has a life span of up to 14 years in captivity. It eats insects, small mammals, birds as well as plant materials. Since they are highly social animals, they enjoy the company of other foxes and engaging in play even as adults.

Chinchilla ($450- $650)

Another nocturnal creature which is mostly native in South America is called Chinchilla. Chinchilla occupied the coastal regions, hills and mountains of Chile, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. It has a shorter tail, thicker neck and shoulders and shorter ears. They are typically asleep during the day. Therefore, it is best to place Chinchilla cage in a quiet place away from direct sunlight. Chinchillas have an exceptionally long lifespan. According to their natural habitat, they live for 8 to 10 years: however they can often live 15 to 20 years. They normally eat chopped vegetables and fruits like carrot, kale, parsley, lettuce, strawberries, pears, bananas apples and etc. Chinchillas are popular pets but the owner must take care handling them since their teeth are continually growing all throughout their life span.

Tarantula Spider ($50-$150)

When you think of spiders to adopt as a pet, which one comes to mind first? Probably it will be a big spider called Tarantula in which hundreds of Tarantula species are found in most of the world’s tropical, subtropical, and arid regions. Most species of North American Tarantulas are brown, but some are cobalt blue, black with white stripes, yellow led markings, metallic blue legs with vibrant orange abdomen and green prosoma. They can grow as big as 12 inches in length. The females are quite bigger than the males- average 8 inches. Generally, Tarantulas are burrowers that live in the ground. Their main prey is insects, but they can also eat toads, frogs and mice. Female Tarantula can live up to 30 to 40 years while may life expectancy is shorter than female. No species of Taraltula is dangerous to humans and some spices have become popular in the exotic pet trade.

Breaded Dragon ($30- $100)

It is a very popular species to keep as a pet lately. But they are kept as exotic pets in all around the world. It is a species of agamid lizard which can be found naturally in Australia. The total length of adult of this species can grow up to 24 inches. Their favorite foods are insects, crickets and worms and leaves. They are a type of reptile and they like spending their time spending under the rock. The life spam for them is between 6 to 15 years. As they are kind of lizard, they should be keep in big enclosure if you consider to keep as a pet.

Cardisoma Armatum (Rainbow Crab) ($20-$25)

By seeing the name is pretty beautiful. It is a kind of crab originates from Africa. Its unique features are its color. It has a pair of largely purple claws, red-orange legs, and an almost entirely black carapace with a pair of yellow, orange or reddish spots behind they eyes, and an additional pair of whitish spots on the central-lower carapace. It can each a carapace of 20 cm across. Its life expectancy is about 12 ears. It mainly eats fruits but sometimes they consume small reptiles, insects. Adult crabs mostly spend their time on dry land. It is recommended that a single keep in the tank is the best for crab.

Moreover, many other kinds of rare and exotic animals like snake, lizard, frog, fish cats and dogs are available in “The Pet House”. As keeping exotic animals as pets among people, especially teenagers, has become a growing trend, you may probably want to grab one, too. If you are thinking to keep exotic animals as pets, it is surely worth going to this place.