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European Union Commits Additional £70 Million for Three New Programs

The first, Myanmar Sustainable Aquaculture Programme, or MYSAP, is a £20 million commitment to reduce poverty and improve food security and nutrition. Aquaculture remains underdeveloped despite its potential of generating greater food security and nutrition as well as creating sustainable livelihoods. MYSAP aims at scaling up sustainable freshwater aquaculture and supporting ecosystem-based practices of coastal shrimp farms, including mangrove reforestation. The programme will promote socially and environmentally responsible investments and focus on the participation of small stakeholders.

The second £30 million is allocated to strengthen the rule of law and transform the Myanmar Police Force into an effective, efficient and accountable police service which respects human rights and fundamental freedoms and applies international best practices. The programme builds on previous successful EU engagement with the police. The 5-year programme will strengthen institutional capacity, engage in modern practices of community policing and crowd management, improve police accountability and support the development of an improved legal framework regulating the work of the police. Platforms for engagement with the media and civil society will be developed further to enhance mutual understanding and foster accurate and timely information sharing between the police and the public. Peace Support in Myanmar, the last £20 million commitment, aims at further supporting the ongoing peace process. It will contribute to lasting peace, securityand sustainable development by supporting the joint ceasefire monitoring mechanism, the national political dialogue, and mechanisms for socio-economic recovery in conflict-affected areas.

Roland Kobia, EU Ambassador to Myanmar said “The new funds are directed at three key issues in Myanmar. Firstly, we will contribute to reducing poverty and improving food and nutrition security through a new aquaculture programme. Secondly, we will continue our support to the reform of the police in its transition into a modern police service. Lastly, we will increase our support for efforts to achieve a lasting peace. And he added that since the start of reforms in 2011, the EU has lifted sanctions, allocated substantial funding, initiated programmes and encouraged further reforms. The additional funds are another strong signal of our long-term engagement in key areas of reforms,”