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Dagon City 1 – Yangon’s Best Location Making Myanmar More Beautiful

Yangon is a sprawling city of seven million people which makes choosing the perfect location for your home and work a decision of vital impor-

tance. Dagon City 1 trumps all other possi- bilities, as the 22 acre mixed-use develop- ment is nestled in an area of unparalleled convenience. Dagon City 1 is located on U Htaung Bo Circle, which is just a five min- ute drive from the bustling downtown area and 30 minutes away from Yangon Interna- tional Airport, which is Myanmar’s aviation hub.

A Location in Close Proximity with National Beauty

Direct footbridges will link Dagon City 1’s exquisite apartments, branded retail zones, international grade A offices and five-star hotel with the country’s national land- marks, including the dazzling 2,500-year old Shwedagon Pagoda. Dagon City 1 offers the best platform for Myanmar people to experience the glowing beauty of their most sacred site, while visitors are provided a glimpse of their host country’s rich culture. The panoramic views from Dagon City 1 of Shwedagon Pagoda will imbibe guests and residents with a sense of calm and tranquil- ity, allowing them to pay their respects from within their own homes.

An elegant, more serene lifestyle awaits you at Dagon City 1: whether it be walking to the sprawling Yangon Zoological Gardens or Kandawgyi Park. Taking time out to en- joy the simple things of life has never been easier, as there you will find a convenient respite from the hustle and bustle of nearby downtown Yangon.

A Hub for Local and International Businesses

Meanwhile, companies operating from their Grade A offices at Dagon City 1 Towers will benefit from the convenience of being in the heart of Yangon and a short drive away from Yangon International Airport.

Dagon City 1 Towers will create a central- ized location for both local and multina- tional companies seeking international standard offices in a well-designed modern environment. It will be the perfect place to network and forge new business relation- ships.

A Location to Experience Upscale Lifestyle

Dagon City 1 Plaza will offer the residents of Yangon a premier luxury shopping ex- perience comparable to the elegant prome- nades of Paris and New York City Pedestrian-friendly and unrivaled in extravagant and irresistible offerings for every taste, its vast array of branded retail stores will also promote international and local consumers.

Easy-access footbridges in close proxim- ity to the city’s most culturally significant sites surrounding the area will provide a safe and convenient way for pedestrians to commute.

A Location that Attracts Invest- ment Opportunities From Marga’s extensive ex- perience across the globe, the group is confident that Yangon has all the right ingredi- ents to become one of the top cities in Asia. Dagon City 1’s prime lo- cation is also important in terms of promoting real estate investment. For a poten- tial buyer considering the possible investment returns, Dagon City 1’s state of the art loca- tion, design, property developer and property management are certain to appeal.

A Location to Call Home Dagon City 1 will present its residents the opportunity to live in the heart of Yangon while enjoying an elegant lifestyle.

Its 12-story residential towers will offer apartments as part of its world class community. The residence not only will provide a variety of features to complement modern living, including a luxury clubhouse, a fitness center, outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and indoor golf, but it will also connect the tenants to the city’s hottest new shopping plaza, the