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Creating moments in the space

The best cure for anyone who’s been having a tiring day engaged in such a busy city life must be no other than a gourmet meal and coolest drinks in town. There’s a place says, “Life is good with good food, great drinks & best friend”, I might add “good place”. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a laid-back evening or in search of a way to celebrate a Friday night with your gang, then the Space Bar might have got all what you need.

Situated on Kabaraye Pagoda Road, the Space Bar is one of the pioneered bars in Yangon with its remarkable location, the rooftop. In the dedication of all their friends, the two young entrepreneurs cre- ated this place with a feel of city’s nightlife. The first thing you will notice is the aura of chic and elegance the place is offering. With its indoor decorated in vogue, it’ll still re- mind you the cozy feel like home. Of course, outdoor part is a must-try place once if you’re there. Front outdoor seems to have a significant space to be able to host a party under the moonlight on the days when the sky is clear and clouds are nowhere to be found. I would personally prefer to occupy a table in the side outdoor and enjoy a sooth- ing drink while gazing out the stars in the sky above.

The Space Bar is known to mainly serve Asian cuisine and the good news is that they are extending the menu with some Middle Eastern and Western food. This town’s fa- vorite bar offers you various liquors, wine and drinks and its Shisha services mustn’t be forgotten. Indeed, there is no doubt that good people and good food will guarantee you a good moment in life.