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Editor’s Letter

Welcome to the October edition of Myanmar Insider, the only English-language
business news journal designed especially for people who are keen to keep up
with the critical business and economy issues of Myanmar.

COVID-19 pandemic has heightened in Myanmar and the country is now ranking
#3 in ASEAN countries. Death rates have shot up dramatically, albeit relatively
small in actual number of deaths when compared to western countries. We hope
all of you are continuing to stay safe. Myanmar Insider team strive to keep you
well-informed wherever you are!

For this edition, you’ll find a mixture of news, in-depth interviews, special
features and regular business columns on a wide range of issues covering food
delivery – our favorite topic during COVID, beverage, insurance, local economy
and environmental issues!

I’d recommend Myanmar Insider’s very own economic review of past four years.
Hope it will bring issues which were not previously noticed. An interview with
foodpanda’s Managing Director is worth reading for all, especially for food
lovers! Coca-cola’s Victor Wong explains why he is upbeat about the future of
beverage sector. An article about Irrawaddy dolphins is sure to give you
something you didn’t expect before!

Please let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered in the future.

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