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Myanmar Companies Yearbook By FWP Research

When Myanmar Insider started about four years ago, we were astonished by the difficulty of finding information relating Myanmar companies. How we wished we could easily find all we needed from a single reliable source! FWP Research from Japan has done it! Bravo to them.

Even though the information contained within is still not 100% accurate, plus a bit of inconsistencies on disclosures, a standard has been set.

Myanmar Companies Yearbook Volume 1 is the fist ever Myanmar Companies yearbook, highlighting the details of 1000 top Myanmar Companies (based on taxes paid). It also introduces readers to twenty of Myanmar tycoons, most of them well known cronies, with varied histories. With over 700 pages, it also has a section on government’s who is who and salient features of key regulations especially for foreign companies and joint ventures.

The book is divided into sections of tycoons, data on Myanmar companies, government map, Myanmar legal summary, appendix and index. The data on Myanmar companies with more than 500 pages is the largest section. Adding an index at the end is a neat feature, making it way easier to find the person or company one is looking for.

Myanmar Insider has spoken to Yokho Kinoshita (the man behind the book) in November; he promised to keep on improving the book in future volumes and disclosed his plans to publish industry specific books, in the near future. A humble man with a vision to connect Myanmar companies to the outside world, managed to produce a book that will certainly become a standard bearer as an information source in Myanmar.

For foreign investors looking for partners, business, M&A or otherwise, B2B marketing people, Myanmar and foreign government officials, people doing research on Myanmar companies, this is a book that one cannot do without. The hardcover book is printed on specialty paper from Japan and retails at $600.

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Myanmar’s Transformation & U Thein Sein – An Insider’s Account By Soe Thane

A team who had little experience with democracy during their life times transformed Myanmar from military controlled dictatorship to a functioning democracy within a short period of less than five years.

In his self-published book, Soe Thane wanted people to know how he and the team of ministers, under President Thein Sein leadership, endures hardships, opposition and sabotages, to bring about the change that people wanted, without any notable unrest or turbulence.

He described the critical milestones achieved during the five years plus major situational crises the government faced amidst trying its very best. He also examined President Thein Sein management style, which had much influence on the way the government is run and how it hindered actions sometimes.

Best of all, the book is a documentation of history of Myanmar during these critical five years. The actions taken during these years have undoubtedly altered the expectations and aspirations of Myanmar people and inevitably shaped the future of Myanmar for the better.

This book, only available in English version, is for anyone with an interest in Myanmar to understand the government, the politics and the power struggles from within, told by someone who has been involved in the deep end from beginning to the end. Investors, business people and foreign governments can definitely learn something through this book.

The book retails for $20 and all proceeds are donated to a charity in Kayah State.

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