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Balloons over Bagan Resumes

Gas-Powered balloon services over Bagan resumed for the coming tourist season, said Nan Tint, Chairman of NyaungU Township Administration Body in Bagan. The Shwe Lay Tagun (reddish brown) balloon team resumed its Balloons over Bagan services on the morning of October 7 from Hotel Zone (4) in Gantga Ward of Bagan Myothit of NyaungU Township. The team flew two gas-powered balloons with 16 passengers each over Bagan to enjoy the beautiful scene of the city. The tour lasted 45 minutes. It starts at Hotel Zone (4) in Gantga Ward of Bagan Myothit and ends in the southeast of Bagan Lodge Hotel, east of Bagan Myothit.

The travellers can now explore the Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone, the picturesque scenes of the Ayeyawady River, palm trees, Htanaung (Acacia leucophloea), neem trees and ancient buildings. The balloon tour that was suspended since the start of Covid, has now resumed. The Oriental Blooms Company launched the Balloons over Bagan service in 2013 with six balloons and the Golden Eagle Company also introduced the service in 2014 with another three balloons.